Saturday, October 30, 2010

21 Things Osiyyah likes to do or is thankful for...

I "interviewed" Osiyyah and asked him for 21 things he's thankful for, or likes to do. Here's what I got -

1. Gee's pup
2. Going on walks
3. Walking DJ
4. Walking Arrow
5. Arrow
6. Mini
7. The horsey's
8. Cow
9. Bunnies
10. Milking the goats
11. Pig Auction
12. Buddy Walk
13. To draw
14. "Rarrots" - Carrots
15. Cookies
16. "F'duh" - Fudge
17. Sleep
18. Pigs
19. Llama
20. Alpaca
21. Speech Therapy


  1. Great interview!

    And it would be great to have a chat about any of these things.

  2. Thanks!

    By chance, would you mind sharing how you found my blog? Just not sure where I know you from....

  3. Since December 2009-January 2010, I have been a regular commenter on Q's blog.

    So when you went on the 31 for 21 it was natural that I go here, to read the Mum's perspective.

  4. Oh, I see. But, I'm actually Osiyyah's sister, not his Mom. Our mom's blog is .